Kerry Lee Rowett

Align + Attract

You might love the idea of creating and growing an aligned business, but how do you actually do it?
When you work for yourself there are constant challenges, decisions to make and directions you could go. If you lose connection to yourself and your own sense of alignment, you can easily get pulled off course.
As an experienced Kinesiologist, I can guide you to a greater connection to your own alignment.
The main character in this story – Anna – is not me, she’s not one of my clients, but really, she could be any one of us.
As you read her story, you’ll see aspects of your own journey mirrored and will learn the steps to take back your power, create boundaries, take action and come back to your centre.
Part story and part guidebook on how to create more alignment in your business, Align + Attract will inspire you, motivate you, and help you attract clients and gain clarity about what you really want in your own business.
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