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Interview with OCD: Forty-five Days to End of a New Beginning

The author/researcher explores the process of self-healing during his encounters with OCD using a unique self-search method and integral psychology framework. The book contains the unaltered self-dialogue (self-interview) scripts of the doctoral research. The dialogue is designed to capture the sensual attention through manifestation of OCD's common attributes. Through heightened awareness, author invites us to pathways to self-discovery and change, exploring an experience in and by itself, rather than numbing it with the next dose of treatment.
Although, this book is self-contained, it demonstrates the application of the self-healing method described in the author's doctoral dissertation entitled, 'Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry into One Experience of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder'. Readers are strongly encouraged to read the dissertation, which is provided as a free supplement, to gain a fuller understanding of the method. The book contains a link to download the dissertation (no registration or membership is required).
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