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Domain Driven Design : How to Easily Implement Domain Driven Design – A Quick & Simple Guide

I want to thank you for checking out the book, “Domain Driven Design: How to Easily Implement Domain Driven Design – A Quick & Simple Guide”. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can implement the domain-driven design approach in your projects to bring out better results. Through the domain-driven design approach, you and your project team will better understand the domain that you aim to serve and communicate in a common language that can ensure harmony and team work with your group. You will be able to finish the whole design and development process focused on what is truly essential. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy it!
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Speedy Publishing LLC, Tech Tron

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    Анна Поповацитує21 день тому
    Who else has better understanding of the banking system other than the people who work within the system? The bankers are the subject matter experts and they are familiar with all the fundamentals of the banking system including the rules, catches, issues and solutions to those issues. Therefore, if you want to understand the domain of a banking system software, you need to start talking to the bankers themselves.
    Rolf Vibe Rønnow Foxbyцитує2 роки тому
    create the software as an expression of the domain.

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