Baby Professor

Great Big World of Computers – History and Evolution : 5th Grade Science Series

There's no denying the fact that we are moving towards a “computer world.” You want your child to keep up with the pace of learning and you can help make that possible through the introduction of the right resources. This is one of those resources. This book is a mix of colors, pictures and select text to easily drive home a point but without boring a child too much.
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Baby Professor, Speedy Publishing LLC



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    Menna Abu Zahraцитує4 місяці тому
    Computers interact with a number of different devices to exchange information. These devices include the keyboard, mouse, display, hard drive, printer and more.
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує4 місяці тому
    Computers as we know them today only really started being made in 1980.
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує4 місяці тому
    Colossus was the world’s first electronic digital programmable computer.

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