Erynn Lehtonen

A Dragon's Sight


Genshu Hidekazu and Masanori lost their family name, their identities, and each other. Nameless and haunted by the remnants of the Nightmare… will they find revenge or redemption?

The path to bushido seems certain for Hidekazu—he will claim the title of bushi, reinstating his name and restoring his honour with it, or die trying. But stuck between the palms of two cruel masters and beneath the shadow of the Nightmare, breaking is only a question of when—and which master will claim Hidekazu's loyalty when he does.

Home is but a memory for Masanori. Death and demons follow his every move, but he won't crawl back to those who abandoned him—even when he spots Lacotl in the Nightmare, far from his prison beneath the Cedar Palace. But, surviving his encounter with the kan'thir puts Masanori under the care of a mysterious priestess—one who proves far deadlier than the horrors he runs from.

As the official Acting Shogun, Aihi strives to maintain the structure her mother built before her. But Lacotl's game carries on, threatening to rip apart Seiryuu whether Aihi wishes to participate or not. And with the Sanlongguon Magician's Guild seeking nothing more than to destroy a two-century long alliance, Aihi's time to win is running out. Nothing good comes without sacrifice, and if she must relinquish her spirit to prevent Seiryuu's destruction and earn herself a chance at freeing Seiryuu from Lacotl's grasp… so be it.

To unravel the mysteries leftover by the Dragon's Eye, the twins and the princess must work together against all odds, even in the wake of more disasters and betrayal. Either the Nightmare will break them, and Seiryuu will fall—or the Nightmare will remake them into something stronger.

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~Content Warnings~

Violence, gore, self-harm, suicidal ideation. Please read at your own discretion.
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Erynn Lehtonen


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