Guo Changqing,Han Senning,Yang Shujuan

Human Body Reflex Zone Quick Lookup

According to the theories of holographic biology, meridians and collaterals, and the nervous reflexes, reflex zone therapy is a natural healthcare technique that aims to activate the body's adaptive regulation through using certain methods, which stimulate the reflex zones in the corresponding holographic sections on the human body.

The book is written by experts and professors from Acupuncture-Moxibustion and the Tuina School of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. They have selected the most commonly used and more effective reflex zone therapy for the book, and it is of high value of academics and clinical reference.
Includes the reflex zone therapy of the scalp, face, ears, hands and feet, and mainly introduces the locations and indications of the reflex zones, with beautiful illustrations, so that it is characterised by concise and practicality, ease of learning and remembering, and containing both texts and illustrations.
Aimed at; clinical practitioners, teachers, researchers related to acupuncture, medical students, and TCM amateurs. It is a very practical book for reflex zone therapy.

It is one of four books in the Quick Reference Handbooks of Chinese Medicine series Comprising;
Acupuncture — of Acupoint Combinations Quick Lookups
Illustrations Of Special Effective Acupoints for common Diseases zones    
Quick Investigation On Acupunture Points

Med001000 Medicine/Acupuncture
Med004000 Medicine/Complementary/Holistic
MX Medicine/Complementary

Sales points:
·       Reflex zone therapy has a long history in China.
·       Takes in the latest research
·       Clear colour images of every treatment
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