Hermund Haaland,Nicolai Strøm-Olsen

Startup Israel

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In Startup Israel, the authors meet the movers and shakers of the Israeli startup ecosystem. The aim is to figure out both what European leaders and parents can learn from the most tech-davy ecosystem for business startups on the planet.

They tell the story of the importance of an innovative culture. In short: Arguments breed innovation, a strong community can foster entrepreneurship and close proximity in the startup community let ideas travel with ease.

“From a very young age, our society encourages traits that are relevant for entrepreneurs”. (Inbal Arieli, CEO of Synthesis and Senior Advisor at Start-up Nation Central)

''Entrepreneurs approach us – sometimes with their idea or some technology solution, and they are confident that their idea is the best. It is always the best thing since sliced bread". (Dr Oded Meirav, manager of the Israel Technology Centre with GE) .

“The family culture is stronger, you know – they all meet at the Sabbath. We used to have that tradition with Sunday dinner in Germany, but it is not as strong anymore”. (Inken Braunschmidt, Chief Innovation Officer of Innogy SE)
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