Rupert Heath

Sex, Lies and Book Publishing

Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. Keep your publisher closest of all. If you are interested in being published, you should do all you can to make the publishing business interested in you. But how? You've already written a good book, so what else do you have to do to give yourself the edge with agents and publishers? Sex, Lies & Book Publishing is your field guide to the nature of publishing — the unspoken rules and conventions deciding which books get published and which don't based on the way the industry and its denizens think and act. It is an up-to-date insider's guide to an often mysterious business, and an invaluable resource for any author seeking an agent and, ultimately, a publishing deal. Sex, Lies & Book Publishing lifts the lid on the publishing world today, and the people who work in it — from the occasionally eyebrow-raising private lives of book editors, to the ways they judge new fiction and non-fiction and prepare it for publication. This guide is packed with trade secrets you won't read anywhere else, including some which publishers might just prefer went unprinted.
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    The power of books to inspire passion is well known and long established. Through the centuries ardent bibliophiles have shown an almost carnal desire for rare or beautiful volumes, and one has even occasionally been moved to murder a rival collector in a fit of jealous rage. While you and I wouldn’t necessarily go that far, anyone who loves books understands that there is a quality to the printed and bound word which is transcendent. Not to mention

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