Courtney Leigh Malinchak

The Ultimate Teen Guide to Getting into the Ivy League

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Because of their renowned research findings, alumni successes, educational and athletic opportunities, networking connections, and top-tier name recognitions, the Ivy League universities have first-rate reputations that not many other colleges can claim. The Ivy League universities aim to create value in the world, so they desire students who are going to accomplish groundbreaking feats or create something world-changing. Additionally, they want students who are going to positively contribute to their campus, whether that is academically, athletically, or artistically, with the hope that they can help and inspire their fellow peers.
Since some of the most intelligent, advanced, and successful students in the world apply to the Ivy League each year, acceptance into these colleges is incredibly competitive. Admissions officers cherry-pick the students who they believe will make a positive difference on the world, which can be done in many forms. In essence, students must have a passionate commitment to something and demonstrate national or even international recognition, ranking, or success. Remember: “The best predictor of future achievement is past achievement.”
In this book, you will learn the 10-Step System on how to get accepted into the Ivy League of your choice. Learn how to stay focused, achieve an impressive high school transcript and GPA, win national awards, show a passionate commitment to something, take advantage of summers, work significant internships, achieve high test scores for the SAT and ACT, write a winning essay, and gain admirable recommendations, among other vital information. Additionally, you will learn how to decide between applying Early Action, Early Decision, or Regular Decision.
This is the “ULTIMATE” guide to teach you how to be the “ULTIMATE” candidate for acceptance into the Ivy League.
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    their desire is to produce the highest amount of value possible in the world.
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