G.G. Vandagriff

Three Rogues and Their Ladies – A Regency Trilogy

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What’s a poor rogue to do? No sooner has he become intrigued by the lonely veiled figure of a young lady sitting in Green Park, than he hears a disembodied voice inform him : “The jig is up, Ruisdell. That is the girl you’re going to marry.” He does not intend to marry anyone! Yet, when he visits a delightful and beautiful young lady in her opera box that very evening, he discovers her to be the woman in the park, Miss Elise Edwards. Not only that, a plethora of insistent ex-fiance’s attends her, one of whom is violent. Once he uncovers a connection between them that makes him honor bound to protect her, his habitual boredom vanishes. Life morphs into into an unstoppable train of events—ironic, dangerous, sweet, and chaotic—until the rogue does not know whether he is on his head or his heels. And then there was that bet he made . . .
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