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25 Smelly Christmas Stories Rhyming Picture Book

Fart Calendar: Advent Calendar For Kids With Santa Farts Advent Calendar 2014 — 25 Christmas Carol For Kids Here is just a short snapshot of the fart doors that you'll want to open on each new December day and as you are counting down to Christmas day! You'll laugh as you discover the following count down to Christmas day moments: * Christmas Countdown Fart 7: Not For The Faint Of Heart * Christmas Countdown Fart 9: Pumpernickel Pungent Fart Recipe * Christmas Countdown Fart 11: Ziplock Bag Fart Recipe * Christmas Countdown Fart 22: Epic Sorbitol Christmas Mints * Christmas Countdown Fart 24: The Pringle Timebomb and 20 more… This holiday countdown calendar contains 25 hilarious illustrations and a sparkle of bottom burping Christmas fart surprises.
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Inge Baum



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