Why Should I Grieve Now

This small eBook deals with 'grieve' in connection with the death of a son. Osho uses a Zen story and unfolds a unique and different way of dealing with grieve, death and dying. He acknowledges that it is very difficult not to grieve when somebody you loved has died. Not to grieve is possible only if you have an understanding and an experience of the essential, something of the deathless.
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    Anastasia Makarovaділиться враженнямторік


    Anastasia Makarovaцитуєторік
    Find out your original face – the face that you had before you were born, and the face that will be there when you are dead. Find out the eternal, and don’t pay much attention to the accidental.
    Anastasia Makarovaцитуєторік
    Love is understanding. And love is so understanding that not only does it understand life, it understands death also
    Anastasia Makarovaцитуєторік
    The world is a beautiful place
    To be born into,
    If you don’t mind happiness
    Not always being
    So very much fun,
    If you don’t mind a touch of hell
    Now and then
    Just when everything is fine –
    Because even in heaven
    They don’t sing
    All the time.

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