How To Jump Higher, Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett

How To Jump Higher


An impressive vertical jump is one of the best attributes an athlete can possess.
A big jump shows raw power, demands attention, increases the potential of an athlete, and can even strike fear in to the opposition.
One of the most impressive athletic feats in the slam dunk. For most regular sized people, dunking is a distant dream. However, with an increased vertical jump, dunking a ball is achievable for most people.
Regardless of your reason for wanting to jump higher, this book will be able to help.
You will soon learn the fundamentals of jumping higher, and discover what training is required to meet your potential.
This book explains what types of training you must do to improve your jump, and provides a range of exercises.
Many of the exercises are suitable for beginners, and you can get started on them right away.
If you follow the tips and techniques in this book, you will be jumping noticeably higher within a few short weeks!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

The perks of jumping higher
The science behind jumping
The key muscles used in jumping
Exercises for improving vertical jump
How to improve your jump technique
Much, much more!
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