John Simmons

The Invisible Grail. How brands can use words to engage with audiences

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In his influential book, We, Me, Them & It, John Simmons changed the way many people think about writing for business. In this book, he looks at how language, words and storytelling can create and build strong brands. The Invisible Grail takes its readers on a journey that looks at some of the world’s biggest brands (such as Guinness and Unilever) and examines how they have used language to engage their audiences. Moreover, Simmons looks at the smaller emerging brands (such as Innocent and Lush) and their incredible success in connecting with their customers. This search for the “grail”, to unlock the hidden creative resources within every successful brand’s story, is the basic aim of this book. It succeeds not only in practical terms (providing the reader with valuable lessons in branding) but also in inspirational terms (providing the reader with new insights and ideas for approaching marketing).
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