Craig McConnell

Theo Tams: Inside the Music

After a summer of intense competition, Alberta's Theo Tams emerged as the 2008 Canadian Idol champion. He had earned the admiration of the public and his fellow contestants with his soaring vocals, emotive piano playing and unmatched ability to mine the emotional core of a song.

Theo Tams: Inside the Music is a candid and photo-rich look at the life experiences that prepared him for the Idol stage. It also provides a behind the scenes peek at the Idol experience itself, with testimonials and anecdotes from his fellow competitors and interviews with the Idol personalities.

Theo Tams: Inside the Music is the first chapter in the career of an exciting new voice from the Canadian music scene. It includes excerpts from Theo's private journals, adventures from his time in India, anecdotes from his fellow competitors, interviews with Idol personalities such as Ben Mulroney and Zack Werner, hundreds of candid photos and much, much more.
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