Daniel Patterson

Emotional Intelligence

Do you have control over your emotions?

Would like to enhance your self-awareness and improve your relationships?

Emotional Intelligence affects us every day. Some are more susceptible to it, it’s true, but each and every one of us is affected in some way by it and it is something that is becoming more and more valued by employers as time goes on.

Ask yourself if you can afford not to know more about Emotional Intelligence and how it could help you find the job of your dreams, then get Emotional Intelligence: One Book Packed with Easy Ways to Improve Your Self-Awareness, Take Control of Your Emotions, Enhance Your Relationships and Guarantee EQ Mastery and doscover much more through chapters that include:

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Getting Started

How to become more self-aware

Making sure you discover your passion

Managing your relationships

EQ at work

Improving leadership skills

Common mistakes you can avoid

Improving relationships at home and at work is the key to success in many areas of life. Once you have mastered this you can do almost anything.
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