Aiden Sisko

The 2 Powerful Styles of Communications : Perfectly Fine Tuned Communications With Everyone!

In this book were going to be talking about the 2 predominant and powerful communication styles which should improve your effectiveness as a communicator, persuader or as a leader. Especially CRUCIAL to folks entering a new group of people where the perfect calibration of strength and approachability is crucial in gaining a solid foothold in the group.
People are too hung up on techniques and tactics without realizing   there are actually 2  styles of communication one could shift into, to hit the sweet spot 'and maximize communication and relationship effectiveness not to mention persuasiveness and compliance, from your peers and subordinates! Choosing the wrong one at the wrong time or to the wrong people?  You lose respect, authority and they won't follow or believe anything you say! Even worse…they'll shun you out PERMANENTLY for coming in too strong or too weak and mis-calibrated!
The Newbie and his homework    
New house, new rules!    
Knowing the players    
Credibility building    
Chipping away    
Technical Experts and Know -it— alls    
Pockets of powers    
Not created equal    
Being the force of change    
Communication between the sexes    
Male psychology    
Female psychology    
Initial communication assessment phase in business    
Direct style communications    
Group talks and Direct  style    
Authority and Decisiveness    
Arguments and Verbal jousts    
Too Controlling    
Hinting your power    
Power is just in the mind    
Weak communication    
Alphas and Betas    
Too stiff    
Not listening    
From the edge, inwards    
Indirect style    
Language from the edge    
Asking questions    
Indirect requiring more direct means    
Protection of Egos    
Calibration and balance is key    
Direct style transitioning to Indirect    
Indirect style transitioning to Direct    
Covering a topic    
Power plays    
Changing to Direct style mindset    
Improving your communication style    
Inner critique    
Recording yourself    
Talking in front of the mirror    
External critiques    
Culture and a larger vocabulary    
Tips to improve your techniques    
NLP Influence    
Cautionary tales    
Practice, practice, practice!    
Safe place    
Inner game requirements for change
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