Summary of The Death of Cancer

Summary of The Death of Cancer by Vincent DeVita and Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn | Includes Analysis


The Death of Cancer is a comprehensive look at the trajectory of cancer treatment in America over the last fifty years, as told through the lens of Vincent DeVita’s personal experience as a pioneering oncologist. DeVita began his career at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1963, at a time when cancer was considered a death sentence. In the 1960s, standard treatments for the disease were radiation and surgery, but DeVita was introduced to chemotherapy, thanks to his driven, visionary supervisors, who had accumulated evidence that combined drugs were effective, although this was controversial practice at the time.

As he saw that chemotherapy held great promise, DeVita learned a life lesson: to give patients their best shot at survival, one had to be diligent and often buck conventional medical standards. Driven by his early experiences, DeVita has spent his entire career fighting to put the patient first…

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