Lisa Bingham

Into the Storm

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A romantic epic of World War II London by “a master storyteller” (Affaire de Coeur).
It takes just twenty-four hours for RueAnn Boggs to be swept off her feet by Charles Tolliver, a handsome Brit with a secret job, and after she marries him, the dashing Charlie hastily departs for an assignment in England. When weeks go by and she hears nothing from her new husband, RueAnn becomes determined to find out if she’s a wife in name only, and travels to London for answers. But what she discovers is not what she expects.
Susan Blunt has spent her life staying put, retreating into her books while her vivacious twin sister, Sara, lives life to the fullest. Sara has collected a throng of beaus in uniform, including an RAF pilot headed for the front. When Sara pressures Susan into switching places and going to a dance with him, Susan reluctantly agrees—and in the course of the night, quickly falls in love.
When the Blitz begins and bombs start raining down on London, both RueAnn and Susan must find the strength and courage they never knew they had in order to survive. They form a friendship out of the city’s ashes, one that helps them weather the storm as they wait for news from the front—from the men they love, have lost, and hope desperately to find once more . . .
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Diversion Books



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