Emma Koenig

F*ck! I'm in My Twenties

Everyone has that moment—the realization that adulthood has arrived, like a runaway train, and there’s no getting out of its way. From the hit Tumblr blog of the same name, F*ck! I’m in My Twenties perfectly captures the new generation currently testing the waters of post-college reality. Quick-witted and self-deprecating, the author pens irreverent missives, DIY diagrams, illustrations, and tongue-in-cheek checklists that chronicle her experience as a twenty-something living in the big city. Including the best of her beloved blog, plus over 50% new material, this is a perfect humor impulse buy for anyone who has a love-hate relationship with their twenties.
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    accumulated impressions from past experiences, others’ reports, and media representations did not fully prepare me for the WTF-ness of actually living it.

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