Mike Gordon

Should I Quit

What is quitting? It’s always all about changing; out of one situation and into another. Life goes on and doesn’t stop just because circumstances change. So let’s take a breath and consider our options: Can we make this a better place and get more from it? Can we make changes that suit us better. Will it be here or somewhere else? So stay or go, it’s all about change, not quitting.

That’s where this book comes in. It’s a practical guide to being resilient, finding real value and changing to what we really want. It’s packed with hundreds of breakthrough ideas, with ways to build resilience, flexibility and control. We’ll learn to recognise our strengths and what we value and get the life we want. This book is for anyone who wants to manage life or career changes successfully by never, ever, giving up.

Mike Gordon is an experienced mentor and life coach for individuals and business. The insights in this book have been drawn from his own life, his research and his work with clients over 40 years of professional practice. He has created the Life Epiphanies Series to share his insights with anyone who is seeking a happier life and fulfilment by taking command of their own future.
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