Michael Heath

Leadership (Collins Business Secrets)

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The leadership secrets that experts and top professionals use.
Get results fast with this quick, easy guide to the fundamentals of Leadership.Includes how to:• Understand and develop your leadership style• Identify strategic goals for your department• Motivate and manage teams of all sizes• Build a culture of results and responsibility• Lead the way out of a crisis
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    Describe how leader lead with simple way but powerful

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    They can’t see the wood for the trees.”
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    Passion is contagious and can spread rapidly through a team.
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    I love the origin of the word ‘enthusiasm’. It’s from the Greek word ‘entheos’ which translates into ‘the God within’. I prefer to think of it as ‘the spirit within’. A deep, profound energy that makes you work tirelessly to achieve your goals. So how do we create the right conditions for this magical virus to spread?

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