Rebecca Reeves

I Am Called Shaman

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Abra Forrester's life had been touched by the extraordinary. As a child, a mysterious Native American woman passed to her the shamanic gift of communicating with animals, a skill she later put to use as a volunteer tracker and animal rescuer in Arizona's Verde Valley. But all her adult life Abra longed for the chance to use her talents for a wholly different purpose.

For twenty years she has lived under the shadow of her beloved father's murder at the hands of the nation's most notorious serial killer, known only as "SK," a methodical genius who has eluded the authorities at every turn.

Now, after a ten-year lull in the murders, Abra gets the news she's been both dreading and secretly hoping for. SK has killed again — this time in Abra's hometown of Sedona, Arizona. As the best tracker in the area, Abra gets the opportunity she's been preparing for all these years when the police and FBI look to her for help in taking down SK before he strikes again. But will Abra and her animal guides be a match for such cunning evil?
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