Mary Gray

How to Write Clean Yet Scintillating Romance

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«This is a great, informative read on how to effectively write a kissing scene. It’s full of great examples, too! A must-read for writers who are interested in giving readers ALL THE FEELS when they read their book. — Vanessa K. Eccles, Bound & Brewed

Bodice rippers are some of the most lucrative books in the industry. So what if you write romance that isn't as steamy?

I don't know about you, but I love reading and writing kissing scenes. And I don't write explicit scenes with sex.

If you're the same way, then you've happened upon the right book. In this brief nonfiction booklet, I'll cover how to write clean yet scintillating romance--primarily, kissing scenes--in ways you may not have considered. I'll share:

* The best piece of editorial advice I ever received (when my first publisher bought my first book from my first agent)

* A method I like to call action versus reaction

* How to escalate a kissing scene

* How to use rhetorical devices and setting to heighten heat

Are you ready? Grab your pens and pencils, jot down your notes in your favorite apps, or simply allow the juicy material to soak in.
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    sweeter than sap from a tree. Tangier than the juice from a nectarine.
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    the heat she’s experiencing.

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