TBD,Mary E. Neighbour

Self-Publishing Wizard or Wannabe

This is the first book of its kind.
Written for authors and self-publishers, this pocket guide takes the worry out of hiring editors, book designers, and book-production freelancers who are true industry professionals—not wannabes.
Author Mary E. Neighbour draws upon thirty years of experience to invitingly and convincingly introduce authors to the intricate world of pub­lishing. Chapters deftly cover:
-Distinctions between wannabes and wizards
-Terminology used by professionals
-Publishing industry standards
-Signs of a true professional
-Sample questions to ask job candidates
-Notes pages, so this guide also serves as a workbook
Don’t hire anyone until you read Wizard or Wannabe!
104 паперові сторінки
Дата публікації оригіналу

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