Ron Leshnower

Mold and Your Rental Property

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Learn how to get a handle on mold problems and limit costly repairs and tenant lawsuits. From identifying mold to cleaning it up, this ebook provides essential information landlords and managers need to know about managing mold in residential rental properties.

The ebook explains:
where you're likely to find mold and how it may spread from a small problem to a major issue
why and how rental property owners may be liable for mold damage to tenant belongings and health
actions that you and your staff (and even your tenants) can take when it comes to mold prevention, such as regular inspections for leaky pipes and weatherstripping
how to avoid tenant rent withholding and lawsuits
do-it-yourself options for responding to a mold problem, as well as advice on hiring a professional mold remediation company
what to do when the previous property owner or someone else (such as a tenant) is responsible for a mold problem
This ebook includes sample forms, including a mold inspection checklist and model lease clauses, in the Appendix.

Included Forms
Mold Inspection Checklist
Model Lease Clause Regarding Mold
Tenant Maintenance/Repair Request Form
Model Lease Clause on Landlord's Right to Access
Sample Informal Letter Requesting Entry
Model Lease Clause Limiting Landlord Liability for Tenant-Caused Mold Damage
Repair Request and Service Log
Security Deposit Itemization
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