David Nassaney

It's My Life, Too

There is no book on the market that addresses the needs of long-term caregivers regardless of the challenges faced by their loved ones. Most books focus on specific illnesses or conditions such as survivors of stroke, head or spinal injuries, dementia and Alzheimer’s, or parenting an or disabled child.
Additionally, books tend to lump all caregivers into one group—those dealing with short-term illnesses, those facing end-of-life issues, and long-term care. Caring for someone who is expected to live for a relatively long period of time with an illness or condition poses specific and unique challenges for the caregiver.
This book pinpoints the needs and strategies of this population. While some books focus on “surviving” long-term caregiving, It’s My Life Too demonstrates the life of the caregiver is of equal importance and that caregiving can be a rewarding and gratifying experience.
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