Lesley Riddoch


The Nordic countries have a veritable smörgåsbord of relationships with the European Union, from in to out to somewhere in between.
So, what does that mean for Scotland?
Well, somewhere in this incredible diversity of relationships with Europe is an arrangement that’s likely to be good for Scotland too — strangely enough, maybe more than one. Inside or outside the UK, Scotland wants to keep trade and cultural links with Europe — that much is clear. But is the EU really the best club in town for an independent Scotland?
Or would Scots benefit from ‘doing a Norway’ — joining the halfway house of the EEA and keeping the Single Market but losing the troublesome Common Fisheries and Agriculture Policies?
Would an independent Scotland need the support and shelter of another union — or could the nation stand alone like the tiny Faroes or Iceland?
These tough questions have already been faced and resolved by five Nordic nations and their autonomous territories within the last 40 years. Perhaps there’s something for Scotland to learn?
The unique combination of personal experience and experts’ insights give this book its hands-on character: pragmatic and thought-provoking, challenging and instructive, full of amazing stories and useful comparisons, enriching the debates about Scotland’s post-Brexit future as a Nordic neighbour.
Scotland’s response to Britain’s divided Brexit vote has been positively Nordic — Scots expect diversity and empowerment to be entirely possible — whilst Westminster’s reaction has been decidedly British. One singer — one song. One deal for everyone — end of. Lesley Riddoch
Of course, the majority of Nordic nations are eu members. But perhaps the eea is a closer fit for Scotland? Perhaps, too, a viable halfway house option would boost support for Scottish independence? Especially since Holyrood may not automatically retrieve powers from Europe post Brexit. Paddy Bort
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