William S.Wicks

Little Book of Log Cabins

Over a century ago, when he first wrote this little guide, William Sydney Wicks (1854–1919) whimsically observed that while early man lived in nature out of necessity, modern man has taken to the woods by choice. Wicks was a highly successful architect whose imprint can still be seen throughout Buffalo, New York, in dozens of churches, hotels, libraries, houses, and other structures. For several years, he was also Buffalo's park commissioner. Wicks' lovely little how-to manual—complete with simple diagrams and step-by-step details—is the ideal dream book for people who think of someday building their own rustic cottage. It's a charming repository of practical shelters and make-it-yourself log furnishings that will inspire every home craftsman and everyone who yearns to get back to nature. Building instructions are accompanied by clear, accurate line drawings of simple log structures, lean-tos, fancy Adirondack cabins, fireplaces, stairways, furniture, beamed ceilings, and much more. A perfect guide for anyone who loves the outdoors, the Little Book of Log Cabins will provide a feast for browsing and for practical projects.
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