Yelena Moskovich

The Natashas

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Named one of The Telegraph’s Best Debut Novels of 2016
Listed in The Guardian's Not The Booker Longlist 2016
Selected in The Irish Times’ Our Favourite Books of 2016
Selected as a February 2016 must-read by Marie Claire
Author won the Galley Beggar Press Short Story Prize in 2016 and was a semifinalist for the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest 2016
Author blogs for Paris, France’s Shakespeare & Co.
Author a prominent playwright whose work Entre Les Nuages et Mon Ombre (Between the Clouds and My Shadow) won the Concours D’Ecriture Dramatique Manufacture des Abbesses
Author awarded Blank Theatre Company Young Playwrights Festival Award and Claudia Ann Seaman Poetry Award for Young Writers and fellowships from The Nicole DuFresne Playwriting Scholarship (2006)
Book has been published in the UK and France
Excerpt of the novel published in Purple Magazine, May 2016
Sophomore novel, Virtuoso, will be published in the UK by Serpent’s Tail in 2019
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