Micki Pistorius

Fatal Females

In Fatal Females, investigative psychologist and former police profiler Micki Pistorius examines the minds and motives of women who kill. Throughout history the view seems to have prevailed that it is not in women's nature to commit violent crime, but Pistorius shows that this is not in fact the case. Women, givers of life, are indeed capable of ruthlessly taking life. She examines more than fifty documented cases of South African female killers, categorised according to the nature of the crime – for example, infanticide, spree killings, stalkers, poisoners – and she presents her new hypothesis to explain the psychology of that rare individual, the female serial killer.
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    In general, little distinction was made in early criminological literature on women between criminality and unchastity – the female thief and prostitute tended to be grouped together as one’ (Zedner, 1991)
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    Rules of Marriage and recommended that husbands should first try bullying and terrifying their wives before beating them. Beatings should be carried out not in anger but in a spirit of charity and out of concern for the woman’s soul
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