Wayne Persky

Stroke Recovery

This is a description of how I used a new brain-enhancing supplement to gain additional stroke recovery improvements after my normal recovery had stopped.  The details of my stroke and the series of neurological events that led up to it are discussed. The book describes my recovery, and how I managed to make additional recovery progress after my normal recovery seemed to plateau, by using a unique new supplement that's not advertised for this purpose.I've found that when I stop taking the supplement, my balance, coordination, memory, and other abilities revert back to where they were before I started taking the supplement, so I continue to take it today.
There's also information on silent strokes and mini-strokes, and my personal experiences and insight regarding them. Medical references to validate certain facts are listed wherever they're appropriate. The material also offers my insight and opinion on how to maximize recovery. There's a brief discussion of post-stroke depression, and how depression can interfere with normal stroke recovery. My thoughts on how to prevent post-stroke depression from interfering with your recovery are included.
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