Hedley Rees

Taming The Big Pharma Monster

Hedley Rees’ forty years’ experience in the pharma industry has led to this exposé of an industry in denial. Uncompromising on facts and evidence, Taming The Big Pharma Monster stands out in a sea of books trying to skewer Big Pharma because it offers a practical solution. The author’s experience is vast. He entered the pharma industry in 1980. Hedley Rees is not focused purely on problems but on exploring the solutions.
The pharmaceutical industry is in meltdown. We constantly hear of eye-watering drug prices, shortages, litigation over damaging side effects, dodgy marketing practices, economic adulteration, consent decrees, counterfeiting, patent games, price gouging, and much, much more… How can this be right? The short answer is, it's not. But, how did it get to this? What can be done about it? This book answers those questions.
The truth is that to bring a medicine to market, there needs to be intense collaboration between many players, and this collaboration MUST be stage-managed from the start as a complete programme of inter-related activities. We shall prove that creating a medicine should be no different to developing a plane, car, aero-engine or silicon chip.
In proving that, our ambition then is to convince the world that there is not a moment to lose. The wheels of change must begin to turn with ever greater velocity as patients and Friends of Medicines Modernisation (FOMM) are empowered to take on the challenge.
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