Linda Pophal

21st Century Secrets to Effective PR

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The internet has made the possibility of sharing information about others and their products and services more readily available at significantly less cost than any other form of media exposure.
Today's PR, though, is different from the PR of years gone by. Today, it's not only about getting reporters, and other gatekeepers, to cover your story. Today, there are new channels for gaining public exposure – through social media, through blogging, through content creation and curation – all of which serves to boost thought leadership status for yourself or your organization.
Traditional advertising, while diminishing in value, is still important and still has the power to influence if done effectively. Public relations is gaining in impact because of the ability to leverage online communities and social media outlets to spread the word in ways that capitalize on personal and word-of-mouth recommendations that can be positively affected through online PR efforts.
This book offers advice and expertise based on experience on both sides of the PR equation – from the standpoint of business journalists who often receive pitches or responses to queries from those seeking media exposure, and from the standpoint of a consulting firm that works to gain positive media exposure for our clients.
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