Justin Bhullar

High-Performance Practice

Over The Last Decade Dr. Justin Has Interviewed Over 1000 Successful Dental Practice and Business Owners To Extract From Them What It Really Takes For You To Win In Dentistry/Business In Today’s Competitive Markets. Dr. Justin Shares How You Can Systematically and Rapidly Grow a Business That Consistently Generates Significant Revenue and Cash Flow.
Divided Up Into 10 Chapters ‘High Performance Practice: Management, Marketing and Leadership’ Will Become an Invaluable Resource For Building Business Acumen, Whether You Are Hoping To Start a Practice Soon or Currently Own a Practice That Is Stalling Out or Hit a Plateau.
Dr. Justin Shows You The Trifecta for Successful Growth of Any Business:
Management: People, Time and Money
Marketing: Magnetically Attract and Retain More Patients
Leadership: Empower Your Team To Be and Do More Without Micro-Managing
This Book Will Provide You With The Systems Required To Earn More In Less Time, Giving You The Freedom To Customize Your Schedule. It Will Give You Practical, Tactical, and Easily Implementable Strategies That You Can Apply Immediately… Putting You On The Fast-Track To High Profitability and Personal Freedom.  You Will Learn How To Run a Productive Practice Through The Use of a Practice Report Card, Which Will Give You a Real Look At The Health of Your Practice. You’ll Save Thousands of Dollars In Marketing Expenses While Watching Your New Patient Numbers Soar. This Book Will Provide You With a Blueprint To Tap Into the Hidden Goldmine That Exists In Your Practice Today. You Will 10x Your Leadership, Create a Positive Office Culture, and Be Able To Build Your Dream Team With The Proven Systems In This Book.
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