Caroline Taggart,J.A.Wines,Judy Parkinson

Blackboard Books Boxed Set: I Used to Know That, My Grammarand I…OrSho: I Used to Know That, I Before E. My Grammar and I

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### About the Author ** *i before e (except after c): old-school ways to remember stuff* Judy Parkinson** is a graduate of Bristol University. She is a producer of documentaries, music videos, and commercials, and won a Clio award for a Greenpeace ad. Parkinson has published four books. She lives in London. ** *My Grammar and I…Or Should That Be Me?: How to Speak and Write It Right* J. A. Wines** is a graduate of Oxford University and the author of several books on grammar and trivia. ** *I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School* Caroline Taggart** is the author of the best— selling *I Used to Know That, The Classics,* and *An Apple a Day* and coauthor of *My Grammar and I … Or Should That Be Me?* She is also the editor of *Writer's Market UK & Ireland*, a guide for aspiring writers. She has worked in publishing for more than thirty years, the last twenty in nonfiction.
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