Barbara Cartland

The Punishment of a Vixen

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    '“I am sorry – I am really – I did not – understand that a Sheik might feel like that about me – I only wanted – help.”

    “And you really imagined that was what they would give you?” Tyrone Strome asked and now there was a note of amusement in his voice.

    “I read in your books that they were – uncivilised, but I suppose because I am so – ignorant it meant nothing.”

    “It is not so much a question of their being uncivilised,” he answered, “but the fact is that women have little value in their eyes except as creatures of pleasure. That women may have feelings or preferences as to who becomes their Master is a consideration that never arises.”

    Nevada did not reply.'

    No no no. The "barter" of women occurred everywhere. Regency England sold their women much like any other Nation, young and old alike - women were not valued.

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