Simon R.Green

Twilight of the Empire

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In this trilogy set in the Deathstalker universe, the New York Times–bestselling author delivers “lots of action” and “exotic dangers” (Science Fiction Chronicle).
Gathered here into a single volume, the novels in Simon R. Green’s Twilight of the Empire series take place before Owen Deathstalker’s rebellion in the same universe. An empire that once peacefully united galaxies in harmony is now rotten with corruption and ruled by a mad empress, threatened by outside alien invasion and violent internal rebellion. Against this background, “Green moves his plot at top speed” and delivers action-packed adventures set on three different worlds (Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine).
Mistworld: A rebel planet, cut off from the fruits of the Empire by a punishing blockade, Mistworld is a refuge for criminals, traitors, and exiles. Under a harsh medieval order, the strong rule, the weak perish, and everyone steals. A legendary Siren, possessed of terrible mental powers, Investigator Topaz is one of the few honest ones left. And when the Empire attempts to attack the psionic shield that protects Mistworld, she is the only one who can save them, whether they deserve it or not . . .
Ghostworld: Ten years ago, the indigenous people of Unseeli rose up in rebellion against the Empire. Captain John Silence led the massacre that left the natives extinct and the planet uninhabited, except for the engineers who mine its invaluable metals. But when communication is abruptly cut off from the mining settlement, Captain Silence must return to find out what’s gone wrong—and confront the ghosts that still haunt his nightmares . . .
Hellworld: Disgraced naval officer Scott Hunter is given a choice: get drummed out of the Imperial starfleet or join a suicide mission with the Hell Squad. One-way planetary scouts, the Hell Squad is made up of outcasts who explore new worlds for colonization. They survive or they die, but they never come back. Hunter leads a motley team of hard-nosed rebels to the volcano planet of Wolf IV, where they discover an ancient city and awaken a race of aliens. And now it’s kill or be killed . . .
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