Arjan Molenkamp

A Practical Guide for Behavioural Leadership

Eager to find out how to groom employees, grow customer satisfaction while creating great performance?
The need for organisations to change is bigger than ever before, with the impact of disruptive technical developments on the competitive landscape, a new generation of employees seeking greater engagement and purpose, and changing customer expectations.
Organisations and their leaders have to learn how to respond to these new challenges and opportunities, or they will be left behind. Adapting requires leadership that can challenge employees to be alert for opportunities, and become capable to develop and implement new ideas for continuous action improvement.
In a Practical Guide for Behavioural Leadership, managers will get a ready-to-use structure and toolbox, to:

Discover the tasks and responsibilities of managers and employees during the preparation for and execution of change, with the MILL model.
Learn the overarching structure of engagement and empowerment, combined with care and control to create instant results and firmly embed change.
Achieve the best results and the highest value for all stakeholders, with insights and tools to grow and groom teams and individuals.
Find out how to transform your organisation into a learning, high-performance organisation
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