Amy Myers

Classic in the Dock

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Car detective Jack Colby reaches back to World War II to uncover the dangerous secrets buried in the history of a 1938 Alpha Romeo.
Jack Colby’s old friend and world renowned classic-car portraitist Giovanni Donati has a sweet new gig: paint an exceptionally rare Spyder last seen racing in Italy’s famed Mille Miglila just before Hitler came to power. Ever since, it’s been resting on its laurels at Plumshaw Manor. But only hours after Giovanni says ciao he’s arrested for murdering a member of the family at the sprawling English estate.
Could he have done it? Is he being framed? If so, why? The investigation leads Jack back to the Second World War—and forward to an explosive and ongoing rivalry between two aristocratic clans. Now Jack has to dig through a long and mysterious history of betrayal, jealousy, and secret love affairs to prove Giovanni’s innocence. But nothing is as it seems—except for the danger Jack faces as he draws close to the truth.
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262 паперові сторінки
Дата публікації оригіналу
Severn House Publishers, Severn House



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