Anderson D. Prewitt,Arielle Drummond,Charmane V. Caldwell,Jasmine D. Crenshaw,Lauren D. Thomas,Sandra Roach

STEM Navigators – Pathways to Achievement in Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics

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So many people discuss the importance of educating our nation and our students getting degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM), but it is often difficult to successfully guide students through the educational landscape. This results in low retention rates, poor academic outcomes, and an increase in the difficulty of recruiting students into technology related careers.

What's needed are real world examples of trailblazers who carved out their own path to success in STEM and are willing to guide others in successfully reaching their educational destinations. What's needed are STEM Navigators.

STEM Navigators is a compilation of real life STEM success stories from people who have not only been wildly successful in pursuing and obtaining their own Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics degrees, but they have all worked to teach, mentor, and research ways to guide others effectively through obtaining a STEM education.
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