Charles Stross

Laundry Files 2—Jennifer Morgue

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Bob Howard—a T-shirt – wearing computer geek and field agent for the
super-secret British government agency The Laundry—must save the world
from eldritch horrors, codenamed Jennifer Morgue, in this fast-paced
spy thriller. Bob's current mission is to stop the evil Ellis Billington
from achieving world domination, but he must overcome obstacles
including the Gravedust device, which permits communication with the dead; destiny-entanglement protocol; banishment weapons; and Ramona
Random, a lethal but beautiful agent for the U.S. counterpart to The
Laundry. Billington plans to raise the eldritch horror Jennifer Morgue
from the vasty deeps, and communicate with a dead warrior for the
purpose of ruling the world. Blending physics and applied mathematics
with the practice of summoning and demonology, this spy-meets-horror
novel will keep sci-fi fans on the edge of their seats. This volume also
includes a bonus story, “Pimpf,” featuring agent Bob Howard in the
world of virtual gaming, as well as an afterword entitled “The Golden
Age of Spying.”
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