Kathleen Fidler

Flash the Sheep Dog

Orphan Tom has been sent to live in the Scottish Borders with an uncle and aunt he's never met.

But a remote sheep farm in Scotland is a different world from his home in London. Tom is lonely and struggles to fit in with strange new people and their odd ways, until his uncle gives him a sheep dog puppy called Flash.

Flash is loving, clever and brave and Tom is determined to make him the best sheepdog he can be — perhaps even a champion! But when the day of the competition arrives Tom faces a difficult decision — will he leave his new life, and Flash, behind?

In this true classic by much-loved children's author Kathleen Fidler, a young boy discovers friendship, acceptance and a new home in the Scottish Borders through his love for his best friend, Flash.

Adapted for the big screen in 1966, Flash the Sheepdog remains an unrivalled portrait of rural Scotland and is a story that has been loved by generations of children.
163 паперові сторінки
Дата публікації оригіналу
Floris Books, Kelpies



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