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Summary: Inside Steve's Brain – Leander Kahney

This work offers a summary of the book “INSIDE STEVE'S BRAIN: The principles that guide Steve Jobs as he launches killer products, attracts fanatically loyal customers, and manages some of the world's most powerful brands” by Leander Kahney.

Steve Jobs has singlehandedly revolutionized the personal computer industry, built Pixar, dramatically changed the music industry and turned around a Fortune 500 company in dire straits. He has the reputation of being a tricky person to work with, but he's a selfmade billionaire who must be doing something right.

Leander Kahney has analyzed Steve Jobs' career, identifying some key personality traits which have propelling him to the top. Kahney looks at each trait, and demonstrates how it's helped him in crucial decisions. For example, Jobs is focused: he's aware of what he's good at, and what he's not. He delegates the latter in order to focus on the former. He takes that philosophy into a wider arena, by always concentrating on what Apple do best as well. Jobs is a perfectionist: this has meant that good projects have been killed, and that product design takes longer. But this has paid off, because Apple has won countless design awards and intuitive design is one of its USPs.

This is an absolutely fascinating book, combining biographical detail with business advice and strategy analysis. Steve Jobs' philosophy is one worth learning.
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