MSN,NP,MN,FAAN,MSCN,APN-C,Colleen Harris,June Halper

Nursing Practice in Multiple Sclerosis

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This completely revised fourth edition of a comprehensive core text for advanced health care practitioners is distinguished by its focus on the increasing role of the APRN in primary care of the multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, the importance of involving the interdisciplinary team in different aspects of care, and the imperative of early and aggressive symptom interventions. Written by expert clinicians in easy-to-read outline format, the text includes the most current diagnostic tools and strategies for managing the disease process in both physical and psychosocial areas, with an emphasis on helping MS patients cope with the disease through the teaching and implementing of self-care strategies.

New content throughout includes a chapter on pain management, updated findings on primary care issues, neurologic complications, and the interrelated importance of interdisciplinary coordination, the role of ethics, professionalism, and the ability to deliver culturally competent care. New diagnostic tests and pharmacologic strategies provide an extensive arsenal of improved treatment options, and updated guidelines for managing symptoms address impaired mobility and bladder/bowel dysfunction. Updated pedagogical features include new chapter objectives, enhanced case examples, end-of-chapter review questions, and revised certification review questions. The text also serves as a practical review for nurses planning to take the MS nursing certification exam to become a multiple sclerosis certified nurse (MSCN).
Provides thoroughly updated content throughoutFocuses on the role of the APRN in primary careStresses the importance of early and aggressive symptom interventionsIncludes a new chapter on pain managementOffers chapter objectives and review questionsProvides enhanced case examplesServes as a reliable study review for the MSCN exam, with revised certification review questionsCovers primary care issues and neurologic complicationsStresses interdisciplinary involvementIlluminates new diagnostic tests and pharmacologic strategies, such as treatment of acute attacks, immune-modulating and symptomatic therapies, and nonpharmacologic interventionsPresents updated guidelines for managing symptomsEmphasizes the role of nursing in helping patients achieve independence and improved life qualityIncludes new content on ethics, professionalism, and culturally competent care
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