Lindsay Tighe

The Answer – Improve Your Life By Asking Better Questions

If you are looking for answers on how to improve your life then this book will help you find them! No, this not another self help book with a prescriptive 'how to' live your life, it goes way beyond that.
With the overriding premise that YOU are far more resourceful than you give yourself credit or indeed time for, The ANSWER demonstrates how you can shift your focus, become more empowered and resourceful.
The ANSWER provides an insightful and simple way to finding better answers and solutions to your individual issues. Whether you have career, relationship or financial issues (or any other 'life' issues for that matter) The ANSWER will help you make the right decisions.
In this easy to read book, you will learn a simple, yet extremely effective questioning technique that you'll be able to use immediately and to great effect, not only to ask yourself better questions, but also to use with others to ultimately provide the opportunity to improve the lives of everyone you interact with.
Start reading today and be amazed at the results and how quickly they can be achieved!
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