A Joosr Guide to… In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

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We are presently caught between two wholly unnatural culinary extremes. On the one hand, we have the typical Western diet,which is demonstrably bad (and, at worst, fatal) for our health. And on the other, we have a rapidly growing industry peddling hyper-nutritious, scientifically modified “super foods,” which seek to counter the junk in our diets. With a never-ending barrage of information from scientists, nutritionists, and the food industry about what's best for us to put in our bodies, things have become unnecessarily complicated.

Michael Pollan has had enough of the madness. His In Defense of Food makes a refreshing, straightforward case for ditching the junkfood, swerving the nutrition fads, and reconnecting with classic, simple, natural food that tastes as good as it makes us feel. Including historical context, as well as the healthy heating habits of other cultures, In Defense is a breath of fresh air for anyone overloaded with conflicting advice about what to put in their stomach.

You will learn:

· When and why what we eat became such a complicated issue-and why it really needn't be

· What to avoid in the minefield of Western junk food, and how to spot pseudoscientific nutritious advice

· How to approach what you eat with a fresh, healthy, clear mind, and get back to enjoying eating wholesome good food.
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    Eating right is not a complicated science, evidenced by the simple dos and don’ts elucidated on here—if in doubt, stay mindful of the three golden rules: eat real food, in moderation, and mostly plants.
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    Bombardment by food marketing, pseudoscience, nutritionists, and journalists makes deciding what to eat a daily source of anxiety and confusion for many people—and it needn’t be like this.
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    Pollan’s impassioned plea for us to derive more pleasure from eating, along with the suggestions, guidelines, and examples he uses to illustrate his points, truly puts the Western diet to shame once and for all.
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