Whisper Your Secrets

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Whisper Your Secrets: A Devotional Journal with original music cultivates an exchange of whispers between God and the reader. By crafting an interactive experience of reading, responding, praying, and listening, the book challenges the reader to introspectively look at his/her soul, communicate with the Lord, and take action. Concurrently, the music creates a peaceful atmosphere while providing positive reinforcement of the truths shared. Whisper Your Secrets: A Devotional Journal allows the reader in Part 1 to substantiate their identity in God, in Part 2 to wrestle with their soul and be victorious, in Part 3 to align themselves with the Spirit, and in Part 4 to launch into a new season of intimacy, faith, and trust in the Lord.  This self-paced 21 Session experience will be a point of reference for the rest of the reader's life.
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81 паперова сторінка
Дата публікації оригіналу
As One Light Publishing


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