Nancy Kress,Daryl Gregory,Richard Bowes,Mercedes Lackey,Jeff Vandermeer,Sam Miller,Aliette de Bodard,Matthew Kressel,Ken Liu,Tom Crosshill,Ursula Vernon,Mary Rickert,Alyssa Wong,Carmen Maria Machado,Alaya Dawn Johnson,Usman T. Malik,Kai Ashante Wilson,Sarah Pinsker,Eugie Foster,Lawrence M. Schoen,Rachel Swirsky

Nebula Awards Showcase 2016

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The Nebula Awards Showcase volumes have been published annually since 1966, reprinting the winning and nominated stories of the Nebula Awards, voted on by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).  The editor, selected by SFWA’s anthology Committee (chaired by Mike Resnick), is American science fiction and fantasy writer Mercedes Lackey. This year’s Nebula winners are Ursula Vernon, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Nancy Kress, and Jeff VanderMeer, with Alaya Dawn Johnson winning the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Book. Review Praise for Nebula Awards Showcase 2014: “There is not a story in the bunch that is not engaging to the reader…. This is an excellent book for lovers of science fiction.” —SeattlePI.com Praise for Nebula Awards Showcase 2013: “Featuring writing of the highest quality in the genre, this compilation is certain to appeal to those demanding imaginative fiction.” — Booklist “Essential fare for short story aficionados, even though some of the contents have appeared in other collections.” — Kirkus Reviews
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