Shane Dunphy

The Girl From Yesterday

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After the death of his best friend, Shane Dunphy runs away from his life working at a special needs crèche, and attempts to avoid his child protection instincts. However, when a part time journalism job in rural Ireland leads him to a family in desperate need of intervention, and a young girl crying out for protection, Shane cannot stand idly by and watch…Little Emma Blaney lives with her three siblings in an ancient farmhouse, with a life that is like something from another time – no running water, no electricity, and no contact with the outside world. Whilst covering a land dispute between Emma's father Tom and his powerful brother Gerry, Shane discovers that there is a lot more wrong with the family than just a feud. The children are filthy, nervous and and undernourished.
In order to protect Emma and her siblings, Shane finds himself at loggerheads with the church, local government, big business, property developers and industrial farmers. But Shane must…
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    The book is alright


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    Midden Development’s plans to build a shopping complex on the Blaney land never materialized. The legal machinations dragged on for several years, but finally the company threw their collective hands in the air, and were never heard from in the area again. At the time of writing, someone has begun grazing cattle on those wild fields again. I’d give a penny to a pound those cattle belong to Gerry.
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    As we lay watching the sky I remembered her earlier comment: ‘You said the genie didn’t come right away?’
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    Robert Chaplin has not, as of yet, published his book on the Blaneys. Robert tells me that Gerry is continuing to keep things interesting around Garshaigh, wheeling and dealing and generally getting up to all kinds of mischief. Gerry is also a regular visitor to Dora and the children, and seems to have developed a fondness for them all. In some ways, I suppose, that is a happy ending.
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